Albert's Schloss

  • 27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR
  • 0161 833 4040

Opening Times

We are open 8am - 2am Monday - Friday. 9.30am - 2am Saturday & Sunday.

Book online for dining parties of to 6 people. For larger bookings please call us on 0161 833 4040

Small dogs welcome; no dogs after 7pm or in the restaurant area

Who is Albert?

Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s main squeeze. Those Victorian lovebirds knocked up a pile of grand things during their reign…and this place is no exception. Albert’s Schloss will take residence on the ground floor of the iconic Albert Hall.

What's a Schloss?

A Bavarian palace, country pile or chateau…fit for debauchery. Expect roaring fires, taxidermy, tankers, schnapps and spanking… and lots of wood. It’s Fantastiche…YAH!

Bavaria & Bohemia

Bavaria is a region of Southern Germany, where they consume the most beer on the planet and Bohemia is the old name for a neighbouring region in the Czech Republic (Yah, Bohemia is an actual place not just a term for people with beards) where they make the best beer on the planet. Albert’s Schloss is inspired by these regions, with perilous weekly cross-continental beer runs a must to fill the 4 x 900 pint copper barrels that dominate the bar.

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